Pro Computer Guilt

After years of getting myself the computer I want, I now only focus on the one I need.


The Mac is an outstanding computer. It has been my go-to computer for 16 years now. Before I started using a Mac, I, like many others, was introduced to Apple first with an iPod. I got a silver iPod Mini for a birthday one year, then many years later (and many other iPods later) I got an iPod Touch before finally getting my hands on the original iPhone.

The iPhone 3G came out right after I finally got the iPhone, so it was already old news but I didn’t care. I loved the iPhone and after using a ton of other phones that tried to be a smartphone (Sidekick, Windows phones, etc.) it was amazing to finally have something that felt truly futuristic.

This all led to me finally spending some savings to buy a Mac for the first time when I needed a new computer. I had been using an old Dell that my Dad got me right in the middle of high school, and it was time to get something new. My very first Mac was the aluminum unibody 2008 MacBook. It was only available for one year until it was replaced with the name MacBook Pro.

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Jamie Larson