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04.29.2024: Some more impressions of the MacBook Pro, TikTok ban, and iPhone RAM Frustrations

The Great M3 Pro MacBook Pro

I have not finished my review of the MacBook Pro that I have had now for over a month. Part of this is because I really want to use it more to provide a more thorough review, but I also just haven't had the time to use it. As you can see from my lack of blog posts recently, I haven't had much time for writing either.

When I do have a chance to use the MacBook Pro though, I am reminded of how great of a computer it is. Not only is the Space Black color still striking when I pull it out of my bag, but the display on these MacBook Pros is just amazing. As I use the device, the clarity and high resolution never get old.

One thing that I have noticed about the MacBook Pro, especially when I am typing a lot, is that though the keyboard has improved from the previous butterfly switch nightmare of the past, I actually prefer the keyboard on the Asus Zenbook more. I feel like the travel isn't as good, and it is a little more clicky than I would like.

It isn't enough for me to say that I don't like this keyboard, but when I have the Zenbook and MacBook next to each other, I feel like the Zenbook just feels more comfortable to type on. One thing that I was surprised that I don't miss at all is the OLED screen on the Zenbook.

It could be that Mini-LED is just as good on this MacBook compared to the Zenbook, but I think the main reason is the operating system. I really like macOS and I feel like the high resolution and great color that the MacBook display offers make macOS pop, whereas Windows 11 is way better than I expected but just doesn't shine on the Zenbook the same as macOS does on a Mac.

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Jamie Larson