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12.15.2023: and Techuisite Wishlist

Not thrilled with Substack’s response to some feedback regarding troublesome views being shared on their platform. Not sure if I am going to keep my newsletter here or move elsewhere, but I will keep you updated. 

In the meantime here is another Techuisite Digest, the last of the year:

Alvalog on iPhone

Since my last digest, I have officially set up a new blog on and am using as the domain. This is going to be a personal blog where I will write about anything. The topics will be a variety of things from tech, music, money, stoicism, and maybe some linked posts to articles I find interesting. 

My goal is to make this a place that is easy for me to post too. I have set up a Shortcut, which I explain more in a blog post on Alvalog, that will allow me to write something in Apple Notes and then use that Shortcut available in the share sheet to post from my iPhone in an instant. 

Techuisite has become a blog that I like to take my time with. I do have some posts that I write quickly and use Unsplash photos, but I like to take my time and think through posts there more. Alvalog feels like an alternative to social media for me, I have never been a heavy Twitter or, now, Mastodon user and I feel like that is partly to do with it being very public. 

Having a personal blog feels more appropriate for me. Not to say I won’t post elsewhere, but I think Alvalog will give me a place for me to want to more regularly. I don’t know if anyone will read what I write, but knowing I have a place to put my thoughts is exciting. 

Techuisite Wishlist

Now that we are officially in the Christmas Season, I wanted to give a list of things that I wish to get for Christmas that will likely not happen. This is a wishlist of tech and other things that I would love to have. I hope you enjoy!


Now that I am back at my desk I would love to upgrade my monitor. I am currently using a 1080p monitor, which is fine, but having something that is 5K or even 4K would be great. To get the best experience (i.e. retina quality) it would be best for me to get either Apple’s highly expensive Studio Display or Samsungs ViewFinity Smart Monitor. You get more bang for your buck with the Samsung, plus you aren’t having to choose between only VESA or a stand:

Apple Studio Display 5K 27”

Samsung ViewFinity 5K 27” Smart Monitor

Instead, I will probably just go for a more affordable but still decent 4K monitor that I can get around $200-$300. In all honesty, I am tempted to just get a used LG UltraFine 4K or 5K monitor for around that price. 


I am loving the iPad life, but if money wasn’t an issue, I would have all the tech. So for a laptop, there would be my choices:

M3 Pro MacBook Pro 14-inch in Space Black

M2 MacBook Air 13-inch in Midnight


I like the idea of having an always-on computer. Either keep it as a home server or a desktop computer making a laptop or iPad my portable computer. If I had a choice it would be:

M2 Pro Mac Mini


The idea of a two-iPad setup is starting to feel like the ultimate iPad setup for me. Having a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with its amazing screen, but also having an iPad Mini as a sidekick iPad to use for everything that I want to do that isn’t writing or productivity tasks would be ideal. I just hope a new iPad Mini is announced before my wish comes true:

M2 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

iPad Mini


I have always liked the idea of mechanical keyboards but after trying a K2 Keyboard by Keychron for a while I realized it wasn’t for me. I like the sound of it, it may have taken more time to get used to it, but the height and size of the keyboard are what deterred me the most. Then I saw the K1, maybe some might argue it is not mechanical, but it looks like something I would definitely love to write on.

Keychron K1 Keyboard

Desk Chair

I have never bought myself a nice desk chair, I always either opt for a cheap one on Amazon or use a free one given to me by a friend or family member (or use a dining room chair). But if I had the money and the option to get a chair it would be a Herman Miller:

Aeron Chair


I love my Vault backpack by The North Face. After using a cheap Amazon for a while, and a couple of Aer Backpacks in between, the Vault is very comfortable and fits all my needs. But if I had the cash I would scoop up a Tim Bihn Synapse backpack in a heartbeat:

Tom Bihn Synapse 25L


I currently use a Nikon DSLR for some of the pictures I take for blogging, but I never take it with me while traveling and at events. I think my iPhone does well in most situations so carrying a bulky DSLR has never been something I desire. I did, however, rent a Fujifilm X100V that I took to Disneyland with me earlier in the year and wow oh wow did I love it. Not only were all the pictures so much better than my iPhone, but the camera was so much fun and easy to use. Compact, retro, and easy are all the reasons why I would buy this camera if I could:

Fujifilm X100V


I have a Switch that has an original display, and for the most part, it is fine. I like to use it in handheld and it is good enough for the small spurts that I see it. I like to dock the Switch into my TV mostly anyway so it isn’t a huge thing. But if I could get the beautiful OLED display for those moments I use it in my hands, I would be very pleased:

Nintendo Switch OLED


I still really love my Sony WH-XB900N headphones, but I not the time limit of them dying on me is running out. They are already showing signs of aging with it not telling me the battery life or if they are connected like they used too. If and when I replace them though, it will have to be the Sony WH-1000XM5. Though Sony does sell the WH-XB900N replacement, which is the WH-XB910N, the price of $200 seems steep—plus I don’t like the look of them at all:

Sony WH-1000XM5


I really like my 2022 Kindle, and the biggest benefit is its display resolution in such a compact size. I like the size, but sometimes I feel like it is a bit too small. Even after making the font smaller I have to turn the page a lot since I read so fast. Having a larger e-reader with more text on the screen on each page would help. If I do go that route it would either be a bigger Kindle, like the Scribe, or the really cool looking Boox Note Air3 C:

Kindle Scribe

Boox Note Air3 C

Hope you have a Happy Christmas!

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