Choosing A Mac Is Becoming Difficult

Choosing A Mac Is Becoming Difficult
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With the MacBook Air and Pro both so great, it’s hard to know which to choose.

Currently, I am not in the market for a new laptop. I am really enjoying my Asus Zenbook 14X and with the addition of a 2012 MacBook Air running Ubuntu. I am very happy with my current laptop setup, but as I look to the future of what Mac I may want, Apple is making it hard.

The new M3 MacBook Air is the exact same as the M2 but with a newer chip. After watching and reading some reviews, it feels like the M3 is very incremental unless you have specific needs. Meaning that the M2, which Apple also still sells, is still a great buy.

After going to Costco with my mother-in-law to help her pick up a new MacBook, going over both the Air and the Pro, it was really hard to pin down one being that much better than the other. Both provide different benefits and I think the extra cost of the Pro is justified by the better display alone.

Pro Computer Guilt
After years of getting myself the computer I want, I now only focus on the one I need. The Mac is an outstanding computer. It has been my go-to computer for 16 years now. Before I started using a Mac, I, like many others, was introduced to Apple first with

But some people, sometimes I include myself in this group too, don’t need the display on the MacBook Pro. Both of the displays are fantastic, but the higher resolution and Mini-LED does definitely make the Pro more superior. The size of the MacBook Air is just so appealing that the better display on the Pro is a hard sell.

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Jamie Larson